About Michelle

Every heartbeat has a moment — a first. And more importantly, a last. It is what you do between the first and last heartbeats that matter. Take care of your heart. Be picky about who and what your heart beats for. My name is Michelle Hancock, and I am forty-three years old. I love deeply, with no caution. It has made me understand why there are stops signs, caution signs, barb wire fences, alcoholic beverages, tissues, and the Berlin Wall.

If my life were illustrated on a road map, you would see paths full of very rocky, dusty, washed-out roads. Roads were full of giant potholes that nearly swallowed me whole. Life tossed me around and threw me in ditches. Then my map turned into a high-speed six-lane superhighway with flyover bridges that moved me through life so fast that I couldn’t even tell you what the destination looked like because I was busy trying to drive my car in all six lanes of this superhighway that did not have a speed limit. At the age of thirty-five, my heart and soul hit the brakes and stopped me right in my tracks. There was no road straight ahead. Only left, or right? It was this little tiny matter called “happiness” that kept me at that intersection for a long time.

I thought I just needed to go left or right. Those were the options, right? Didn’t matter which direction, just drive the car faster. Who drives the speed limit anyway. Add more lanes and fewer exits. Except I didn’t want to drive anywhere, anymore. I didn’t like the road to the left or the road to the right. I definitely did not want to turn around. So, I opened my car door and stepped out. I took a deep breath and sucked in the fresh air. I looked down the road to the left and then to the right? Right! I took off my shoes. Threw them behind me and said the hell with it, I am going straight! I am going to make a new road. A new road because I cannot redo a beat … once it is gone.