About Andrea

The good, the better, the bad, the worse…small accomplishments, exciting developments, the “how did you do that?”, the “why did you do that?”.  My name is Andrea Schoenthal, a 44 year old, Georgia born, University of Georgia grad married to that perfect Southern man with three boys who don’t know what slow down means.     I have owned my own company for over 15 years.  AM Marketing is an advertising agency that has progressed and grown with the times every year.  I have also added my passion of photography to it 4 years ago with Photoshocked.   Both have given my nerdy creative side a chance to explore, create, edit and say oh my word I could do that!

But what really makes me Andrea?  Not Mommy, not wife, not friend but the whole person?  I have to think it is safe to say I was shaped by the ugly word of cancer in my 20s as I lost my Mother to it. However, it did not break me, it fixed me.  It corrected my focus, my drive, my compassion, my faith, my heart.  So while I can say I hate it, I can also say I learned from it as I watched my brother-in-law battle it for years and in the end we lost him as well.   I found my outlet to deal with things I cannot control in the world of cancer in the world of design, restoration and hard labor.  If you would have asked the 20 years younger version of me if I would see myself that way, I would have laughed…loud.  The beautiful thing about this blog and Rustique Souls is you will see that our world as partners in this new journey isn’t all perfect.  There will be the good, the bad and the oh my goodness that just happened. For the record, that has already happened to us several times getting to this point.

Having recently moved into our slice of heaven on earth this blog will let you have a bird’s eye view as we uncover hidden gems in this 50-year-old renovation we call home.  I am a southern girl with a huge love for Farmhouse style.  Every place we plant our roots has a story or will have a story.  I like to think our new home has both.    Restore it don’t replace it.

In realizing how much there is to tell I knew I had to reach out to a dear friend God handed to me as a true gift.  With a soul so sweet and words so perfect to simply be around her is a gift.  Someone who shares the same no fear, no limit mentality with everything she does.   Meeting someone like Michelle Hancock, who shares so many of the same passions and interests,  will give our followers twice the content, twice the mishaps, twice the laughter and so much more.

We cannot wait to let you into our world. Every day is a blessing chock full of opportunities to prove you can and you will. We invite you to sit back and enjoy.  Then when your time is right grab life by the horns and get it done.

Rustique Souls… a little bit of rust and a whole lotta soul.