Welcome to our Crazy Fun Friendship!

Have you heard the saying “stuck between a rock and a hard place”?  Of course, you have! But have you ever really thought about what the space between “the rock” and the “hard place” looks like?

Is it empty and in need of love, cold and in need of warmth, or crowded and in need of space? Would the rocks look better in a different hard place??!! Life tends to leave us standing between these rocks and hard places quite often. To be fair, we can’t blame it all on life! There is something inside of us that tends to really enjoy the challenge! And you certainly cannot blame life when you seek out these places and jump in headfirst.

There is a lot of potential between the “rock and the hard place.” It can be stressful and dirty. But it is where determination is born and where life can massively change you! You can never lose what you never found.